Funeral Ringing


Diary of Aihara, the greatest brigand raised from the dead, because plague cannot be defeated by plunder after all.

Entry 1.

The past life is behind me. All I remember is the funeral chime. My soul was hovering beside my body as they buried the coffin. There was no way I could detach myself from the body, as if something was stubbornly holding me here. It took some time, and the body was dug up by some people with half-decayed, decayed bodies, accompanied by creatures woven as if from a ghostly glow. I later learned that they were Sylvan's men and val'kirs. Their task was to join the ranks of the Forsaken.

The Val'kira who raised me from the dead was named Agatha. Dashla was in the distance, behind the trees. Two others, Aradna and Arthurs, were flying and raising the other dead from the dead. Each took it differently: some went mad and became a Mindless Zombie, others couldn't bear to become undead and committed suicide, and still others began to serve the banshee queen. I, on the other hand, began a new life.

When I looked around, I realized that I had been removed from the coffin, and the epitaph on the tombstone read, "Here lies Aihara. That was all that was left of my old life-just a name-"Aihara." I got up and shook myself off; it was time for me to do new things.

Determined to thank the Dark Mistress for giving me the chance, I began to serve her and found Mordo the Undertaker. He was tidying up dead bodies so that they could be resurrected, and he needed thread and embalming fluid. I went down to the crypt to get them with Darnell, who kindly showed me the way. When I gave them to the undertaker, he let it slip that I was quite the outlaw. What can I say, my path is clearer than ever.

My next assignment was to reduce the population of mindless zombies that had accumulated in this area. They've completely lost their minds and often behave violently. After reducing their population, I scoured the bodies and found a dozen copper coins. When I returned to Mordo, he sent me to the Caretaker Kais, who in turn asked me to help the three newcomers with their problems:
Lillian Voss tried to chase me away, not realizing that she herself is now undead, and when I told her this - she didn't believe it and ran away towards the village, believing that her father could protect her from the undead.
Valdred Moray found he had an alien hand sewn into his arm, but I calmed him down and sent him to the undertaker.

Marshal Redpath refused to join the Rejects and fled, but toward the forest.

Returning to the caretaker, I pondered how strong my psyche was, unlike these three. Darnell and I were sent to Burying Bell, the local village of the Denied, whose cemetery we were still in. After saying goodbye to the caretaker and undertaker, I set off for the village.

After a little rest and a look around, we found Death Guardian Salten, who sent us to gather the bodies of the Knights of the Scarlet Order to resurrect them and take them into the ranks of the Rejected. After loading up Darnell with the bodies, we walked back to Salten, remembering on the way that chapel near where he stood. Back at Salten's, Darnell and I parted ways, he went about his business, and I headed to the Priest of Darkness, Sarvis, because Salten said he might have a mission for me.

Sarvis instructed me and the other races to destroy the remaining Pletian forces, and to remember how to fight. While I was killing Bone Snatchers and Despicable Ghouls, I met other races who were occupied with the same task as I was: aid to the Forsaken. I returned to Sarvis a little later than the others. He was pleased, and advised me to talk to the Newborn Elret.

I learned from Elret that Lillian Voss ran past the chapel and hid in the tavern. I need to go and show her what she looks like to help her come to terms with being undead. Upon entering the tavern, I unwittingly witnessed the armor merchant trying to poison the pandareness, who happened to have a stomach strong enough that the poison didn't work on her at all. This is where I met Lilian Voss, someone had already tried to help her but she ran upstairs, I followed her. As I entered the room I saw her shaking in the corner by the bed. I went over to her and showed her what she had become, but it didn't help... Another attempt failed, Lillian Voss is definitely hiding something... But what... I went back to Elret in thought.

Now on Elret's errand, I make my way to the Executioner Arryn. Somewhere in the distance I can see the silhouettes of a blood elf and a pandaren. I wonder what they're doing here. By the time I got to the place where they were standing, they had vanished, but I found the Executioner. He promised to give me a suit of armor if I brought him feet scavenger and wings twilight. As I walked away from the hangman I saw a pandaren and a blood elf returning to him, each with a bundle of paws and wings that they carried to the hangman... Looks like he's the local paw-wing mogul...

The hangman didn't cheat and gave me armor. And sent me to a gold mine to be cleared of spiders. With that armor, I could have cleared it myself... He's just standing around, taking orders... He's weird... On the way to the mine, I met a lot of Young Nightstalkers, and going into the mine, I found some quite grown up Nightstalkers and in the very depths of the mine, I ran into their matriarch, who had her paw stuck in a bag with 6 pockets. After dealing with the matriarch and shredding through the mine, I walked back to the hangman, enjoying my new bag.

While I was gone, Darnell showed up and said that the multitude of revivalists who had been given free rein had decided to attack the Funeral Ring. We need to rush to his aid. Darnell brought me up to speed. Turns out Marshal Redpath, who I was trying to help earlier, is leading the attack, and it's already started! We have to save Funeral Bell at all costs!

Marshal Redpath is dead and the rebels are almost gone. The Deathly Hallows will deal with the rest, but I'm on my way to Sarvis.