Survival Hunter PvP

Good afternoon. This guide will focus on the Survival Hunter specialization for PvP combat.

This specialization is designed to maximize enemy control by slowing and poisoning all enemies within a shot.
First, let's break down the priority of characteristics for PvP

  • Multiple Attacks - since this is the main characteristic in the hunter specialization "Survival" given that the multiple attack gives a chance to make an extra shot, which will deal 30% of the main damage of the applied ability + the passive ability Survival Master, we get 50% extra passive damage, and in addition to this will (Spell #165396) which allows us to raise the percentage of multiple attacks faster.
  • Versatility - Increases all incoming and outgoing damage.
  • Artfulness + (Spell #76658) - increases all magical damage (like (Spell #3674))
  • Critical Hit - Gives you double the damage you incurred.
  • Speed - Increases energy regeneration speed, decreases time between charges (useful with Special Ammo), decreases cast time ((Spell #77767), (Spell #109259))
  • Talent build would look like this: 1/1/3/3/1/1/1

This build is multi-purpose and fits almost any team
 Fast reaction will allow you to be more mobile, as there are anti roosts and own acceleration, which is better than the Almost gotcha! as the web can remove almost any class, and (Spell #118675) can be seen on some maps where there are different elevations
 Binding shot is very useful for Kite and controlling several enemies at once, it has no casts and you can hit while the target is in stan, disadvantages Bite of a Wyvern is that there is a cast of 1.5 seconds, can accidentally knock down control, must be sure that the target is not dot, or they will immediately take a nap, Horrify generally do not consider, huge cd, stan for only 3 seconds, and have to follow that pet
(Spell #109212) is out of the question, takes a huge hit
(Spell #109306) is superior to the others, as it is a native buff again, allowing you to cast (Spell #3044) three times for the price of one, Cruel Beast can easily get taken or rolled and you will drain it, (Spell #177667) takes a very long time to cast and does not give much energy
 (Spell #130392) has the same effect as (Zebra's #130392), but can't be used to nuke down targets on sight, so you can cast it while they're active.
(Spell #117050) is yet again a 2 in 1, taking damage and slowing enemies whose lands have been tapped by the Glaive, and you have to be careful with those, as they fly around their perimeter and can knock enemies under their control.
 Special ammo is just a bunch of useful upgrades to its auto-attack arrows.  Ice ammo is great for kiting in PvP.  Incendiary projectiles are good for BG as an AOE.  Poisoned ammo is more suitable for PvE against the after 5 minutes of pouring into 1 target, the damage is superior to ice and incendiary ammo.

On characters.

The big characters, the most necessary ones, will be:

  •  Charred symbol - helps throw the enemy away from you, throw the enemy off a cliff, and many other tokens
  •  Charred Characters - Help to control enemies in case you have to divert to another target.
  •  Charred Symbol - When paired with a Voidoid, this one is good to have when kiting, as it splits KD with (Spell #1499).

Of the minor minor abilities, the most common is the Charred Symbol to get rid of vertigo when dealing damage, the others are optional.

1v1 Tactics at a glance, it's pretty much all there is to it:

If it's a milic, then the whole point of the battle - is the kite, for such a battle suit any pet, which slows the target or with the aura "Multiple attack" as well as at var and dk have antimagic and icy ammunition here will not work
First shot is a Concussive Shot (Slows down).
We are constantly bombarding and refreshing with (Spell #3674), (Spell #53301) (with (Spell #168980) you should always make sure that the last dota was left at the end), Snakebite
keep at a distance using (Spell #34600), Blast Trap, Binding Shot and in rare cases (Spell #60192), using the Charred Symbol, it will remove all dots, but the KD on them will remain, and if this symbol is absent, the damage from the dots will knock the enemy out of the trap
If it's still on KD, use a Breakaway and continue to kite the target.
When at least one down is left, push Flock of Ravens and finish it off.
If the enemy is an RDD, then there needs to wisely lose the target and interrupt desired casts.
Hunter has a lot of ways to break a cast.
 Counter-shot standard salo.

 Containment is triggered during cast, but if shot has already been fired, it will hit your HP
 Pretend Dead takes the target off of you, interrupting your cast.
As few classes can cast on the move, you can cast Blast Trap or (Spell #109259) on an enemy and interrupt the cast.
For those classes that can cast on the move, you can catch them running during a Binding Shot cast, and by knocking them out you stun an enemy
when the enemy loses control of your character, cast is also knocked down, so you can either cast (Spell #1499) or a wyvern bite, but take into account that trapa has flying time (if you're away from the enemy) and wyvern has a 1.5 second cast time