WoW Token Buying and Selling Guide

 WoW tokens allow players to purchase game time using in-game gold, or to purchase game time using real money and sell it using an in-game gold token. Want to know the cost of tokens? Visit or check out the "Today in WoW" tab on the Wowhead homepage.

Basic WoW Token Information

WoW Tokens provide different options for players to purchase game time, recharge Battle.Net, or earn gold. Players have the option to renew their subscription through the auction house for gold, or to get more gold by purchasing tokens for money and selling them through the auction house.
Additional gold is purchased by purchasing a WoW Token through the in-game store for cash ($20 USD/$25 AUD/20 EUR/1100 RUR) and then selling it through the auction house.
The 30 day subscription is purchased for gold by browsing the Game Time section of the auction house. As announced, frozen subscription accounts with enough gold can reactivate the account by selecting "Reactivate via Gold" from the character selection menu.
WoW tokens are an element of the regional auction house. All other items for sale in the auction house are generic for that server only. This means that a token placed in the game world of a European region can be purchased by any player from Europe.
The price in gold for these tokens in the auction house is not set by the players - the price is set by the internal algorithm. It automatically increases or decreases based on supply and demand. You cannot choose at what price you want to place a token or the length of the lot. All tokens placed for sale in a region are sold at the same price at a certain point in time.
 A WoW token (silver background) is an item that can be sold through an auction house. It differs from the WoW Token (gold background), an item that adds your account game time. This is good, since you can't accidentally click on a WoW Token and use the item for yourself!

WoW Token For Sale and Gold

Selling a WoW Token is a process broken down into two steps - purchasing a WoW Token for real money and then auctioning the token off.

  • Purchasing a WoW Token through the in-game store for money
  • Open an in-game store. The in-game store can be opened in four different ways:
  • At the far bottom of the character selection window.
  • On the top side of the in-game menu by pressing the "Escape" key.
  • The Interface panel on the left side of the game menu.
  • Help window that appears when you click on the help button in the WoW auction house token window.

Click on the "WoW Token" option located on the left side of the screen. You will have the option to buy immediately, you will also be able to see the current price in the auction.
 A WoW Token on US servers costs $20 (note: on RU - 1400 RUR). This price will not change over time.
Please note that this item is different than what you can buy at auction - you will not be able to accidentally click on it and add game time to your account.
A purchase confirmation screen will appear, along with information about the item, price, and payment method. Click on the cross in the upper right corner to cancel your purchase, or confirm your purchase to retrieve the item.
The item will be delivered directly to your inventory after purchase, and an email with purchase details will be sent to the email address associated with the account.

Selling a WoW Token through an auction house

Visit an auction house, and click on the 'Lots' tab. Right-click on a WoW Token to bring the item under the 'Lots' tab.
When the lot is placed, the current fixed price will be displayed, along with an estimated time to sell. When you are happy with the price, click the "Announce Auction" button. You do not set the price; Blizzard's internal algorithm will set it based on the current supply and demand.
A Confirmation Window will appear, displaying the price in gold, warning you that the token value cannot be compensated, and that the auction cannot be cancelled. If you are happy with this, click the 'Announce Auction' button.
The item has now been successfully placed and is displayed along with the other items in the Lots tab.
The seller cannot set the redemption price and duration of the auction for the WoW Token, and players can only redeem the WoW Token, not declare a bid. No deposit is provided.
You will receive the amount in gold that is listed in the confirmation box. If the token price goes up or down since you placed the token in the auction - it will have no effect on the amount of gold you receive.