Raid Guides: Antorus, Blazing Throne

Raiding Guides: Antorus

Antorus, Blazing Throne is the fifth Legion raid to open after the release of update 7.3.2. Below is our overview of Antorus, Blazing Throne raid - with links to Wowhead combat tactics guides, information on loot and the T21 raid kit, information on when each boss becomes available, etc.

Bosses and battle tactics guides

Very soon we will have tactical guides for each of the Antorus raid bosses, the Blazing Tron. The guides will be written by FatbossTV. The guides will also give tips on all class roles and provide additional information on battles on each difficulty: normal, heroic, epochal and SPR. They will also cover combat tactics with thrash and contain loot tables.

Antorus, Blazing Throne is a partially non-linear raid, but we don't know exactly how it will all be implemented yet. In Anthorus, players will face 11 bosses.

  1. Destroyer of Worlds Kin'garoth
  2. Sargeras' Hounds: Shatug and F'arg
  3. War Council of Antorus: Chief Engineer Ishkar, General Erod, and Admiral Svirax
  4. The Keeper of the Portals, Azabelle.
  5. Essence Eonar.
  6. Soul Catcher Imonar
  7. Kin'haroth.
  8. Varimatras
  9. Coven Shivarr: Diima, Mother of Darkness, Nura, Mother of Flame and Azara, Mother of Night
  10. Aggramar
  11. Argus Enslaved


History of the Raid

At the heart of Argus lies Antorus, the Blazing Throne. From here, Sargeras began the Legion's campaign to devastate space.

There, in the hard-to-reach depths of the planet, work is underway to transform the primordial forces into weapons of total extermination. If the Legion succeeds in arousing them and making them serve their master, all things will come to an end.

Entrance to Antorus, the Blazing Throne

Antorus, the Blazing Throne is located in the southern part of the Wasteland of Antorus on Argus, above a fortified wall and is currently inaccessible.
Boss Skip Quests
The game features two boss skip quests in the Antorus raid.
Players will be able to skip the raid bosses in the second wing by defeating Imonar's Soul Catcher 4 times and completing the Antorus quest, Blazing Throne: The Dark Path.
Players will be able to skip fighting Aggramar by defeating Aggramar 4 times and completing the Antorus quest, Blazing Throne: Heart of the Argus.
Legendary Item Improvements
In update 7.3.2, players will be able to upgrade their previously obtained legendary items as soon as Antorus becomes available, to a 1000 level item with the Awakened Essence of Titanium. This item is very similar to Stabilized Essence of Titanium, an item from update 7.2.5 that allowed players to upgrade a legendary item to 970.

 Awakened Titanium Essence will disappear after use. You will need a separate item for each legendary item.

A new legendary quest is Cursed Shard, which gives a reward (for first completion) of 10 Awakened Essence. Each completion of this quest requires 50 Awakening Essence. The task can be taken from Charomancer Vridiel's blacksmithing teacher in Dalaran.
Rewards: Vehicles, Achievement, and more
 Glory Argus raider rewards the Twilight Hound of Antorus
%s that defeated a titan and Tamed Ur'zul are rewards for defeating Epoch Mode: Argus Enslaved
 A fire-breathing hound from Anthorus is a random prey from the Sargeras Hounds
A new cosmetic weapon is available.
 Taishalak is most likely a prey from Aggramar
 Scythe of the Enslaved, most likely a prey from Argus Enslaved
 Scythe of the Enslaved, likely loot from Epoch Mode: Argus Enslaved
 Kirin-Tor's summoning crystal is a reward for the Blood of the Titan quest, which is most likely loot from the heroic Argus Enslaved

Loot Guides

All bosses have items with a similar item level, except Argus Enslaved, whose loot is higher by 10 item levels.
The first ten bosses are 915 SPR, 930 normal, 945 heroic, 960 epochal difficulty respectively.
Argus Enslaved: 925 MPR, 940 normal, 955 heroic, 970 epochal difficulty respectively.
Please see the equipment, characteristics and artifacts pages for each specialization for tips on the best characteristics, valuable loot and relic features to get. Our guide authors have added the most optimal characteristic values and loot list specifically for Antorus, Blazing Throne.

We've also spelled out which bosses you can get equipment and relics from in our Antorus loot guide (in English).

  • T21 Raid Kit and its bonuses
  • Boos from which T21 tokens are mined:
  • Antorus War Council: Cloak.
  • Essence Eonar: Chest
  • Imonar Soul Catcher: Feet
  • Kin'garoth: Hands
  • Coven Shivarr: Shouldersleeves
  • Aggramar: Head

Players will receive raid kit items directly when using personalized loot. Tokens can be obtained when using other loot distribution systems.

There are 7 options for raid kit colors: epochal, heroic, normal, SPR, elite PvP, Alliance PvP and Horde PvP.
Click here to read the T21 Raid Kit article!

Pantheon Accessories

A set of six Pantheon accessories are mined from the Argus of the Enslaved.
These accessories have powerful effects when triggered (procs) and an additional effect that is triggered when four different accessory buffs are triggered simultaneously.
The aforementioned additional effect can only trigger within Antorus raid, Blazing Throne -- not in other group content like Epochal+ Dungeons.
The initial level of the epic accessory item is 940, and can be upgraded once a week by 5 points with the Pantheon Blessing.
 Visions of Aman'thul is a legendary item with an item level of 1000 and its proc is among the required 4 effects from various accessories. For instance, an additional effect can be activated after triggering a roll from four Visions of Aman'toul. In this case, you don't have to feel placed within the confines of an accessory that suits your role.
 The Vision of Aman'toul can be equipped in addition to the two legendary items linked to the specialization.
We don't know yet what system these accessories will be allocated under - whether it will be personalized loot, group loot, or obtained through a bonus roll or some other method.