World of Warcraft's 13th anniversary

World of Warcraft's 13th anniversary celebration takes place from November 16 to 30. If you log into the game during these days, you'll get the great feat of World of Warcraft's 13th anniversary. At the post office there will be a gift waiting for you with a Celebration Roll that increases your experience and reputation by 13%, a Slightly More Urgent Letter from the Time Sentinels that will send you to your faction's historian, and a 200 Time Warped Mark.

Historian Llor and Historian Yu'pa have returned to the main faction capitals and, like last year, are once again selling various items for a Time Warped token.


There are several new items available for players to purchase in 2017:

  •  Bronze-plated sunglasses - 200 Time Warped Mark
  •  Celebration Staff - piggyback - 25 Time Warped Sign
  •  Holiday Rod - Trogg - 25 Time Warped Mark
  •  Calm Mechanical Yeti Costume - 50 Time Warped Mark


Older items from last year are also available for purchase:

  •  Corgi Puppy - 200 Signs
  •  Inflatable Thunder Fury, Blessed Blade of the Wind Seeker - 50 marks
  •  Exclusive Edwin van Cleef costume - 200 characters
  •  Holiday Staff - Gnoll - 25 characters
  •  Holiday Rod - Murlock - 25 characters

Time Warped Characters

Right now, a Time Warped Token can be obtained at the following locations:
For the daily quest "Time to Think" - Time Warped Mark
For the daily mission "Back to the Basics" you get a Time Warp Mark.
In the "Death of Chromi" scenario.

World Bosses.

For the duration of WoW's anniversary celebration, the classic world bosses returned to the game: Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the four Dragons of Nightmare. Players can obtain a variety of classic-looking items from them, including highly coveted collectible guises, but modern 900 (with some chance of 915) levels. Defeating them can yield some Time Warped Marks. Get ready for World of Warcraft: Classic!

The daily quest To the Origins can be taken by level 60+ players from Historian Llor in Stormgrad Library or Historian Yu'pa in Spirit Alley of Orgrimmar. It requires defeating Kazzak, Azuregos and one of the Dragons of Nightmare, and rewards 50 Time Warped Marks.

"Once upon a time, terrifying monsters terrorized these lands, but even those who were weak gained the courage to confront them. I speak, of course, of Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the dragons of Nightmare. If the legends are to be believed, literally everyone was after their treasure, and whole armies of heroes would camp overnight, waiting for their prey. We sense that the corridors of time are distorted, and the source of the disturbance is precisely where these monsters once rampaged. Would you be willing to help us find out? There's a lot of unusual things going on at this time of year."
On these bosses, you can do extra rolls for loot with the Seal of Broken Destiny.
You can get loot from bosses once a day.
Items with unique looks are marked with an asterisk * below.
Overlord Kazzak

Lord Kazzak is one of the world's most famous bosses and has returned to the game many times: we met him in Outland as Lord of Destiny Kazzak, and later as Supreme Lord Supreme Kazzak. Now this boss can be found in the Scorched Lands of the Eastern Kingdoms. The boss has the Soul Capture ability, which heals him when the player dies, the Kazzak Tag steals mana and blasts characters, and the Crooked Mirror heals the Overlord if the player with this effect takes damage.


  •  Celestial Hammer Crusher*.
  •  Guardian of the Amber Seal*
  •  Wraps of Black Light
  •  Drenched in Abominable Leggings
  •  Ring of entropy
  •  Gauntlets of fatal skin
  •  Belt of the skinned guardian of terror
  •  The hide of Eschandar
  •  Infernal Headpiece
  •  Medallion of Fiery Fury
  • Azuregos

In classic times, Azuregos was a difficult boss to defeat in many ways: he was part of the epic quest for the Scepter of Quicksand to open the Gates of An'Kyration, had a highly original character, and was very difficult to defeat due to the mechanics of the battle. The boss drops a provocation, takes players to random locations and reflects their spells back, and characters killed by him are simply frozen for 15 min. In Legion, Azuregos can be encountered during quest chains of arcane magic mages and priests of obedience. Azuregos are now available to players in Azshar on Kalimdor.

The loot:

  •  Fang of the Mystics*.
  •  Belt of Fading Ice*.
  •  Typhoon*
  •  Shoes of Snowblindness
  •  Cold Grip
  •  The crystal-encrusted crown
  •  Thanksgiving cape
  • Green dragons

Four renowned green dragons - Emeriss, Leton, Taerar and Isondra - have guarded the portals of the Emerald Dream in four locations in Azeroth: the Shadow Forest, the Ash Forest, Feralas and the Inner Lands, appearing at random. Now dragons can be found at the same portals, which is very convenient for druids. In Legion, these characters can be seen as the boss of Nightmare Dragons in Emerald Nightmare. Bosses have a number of abilities and items common to all and unique to each.

All dragons have the Nature's Mark ability - this effect is imposed on a character killed in combat and if that character attacks the boss again within 15 min, they will fall asleep from the All-Piercing Mist for 2 min.