Unfussy pets

There are nearly eight hundred companions in the game, walking (and sometimes flying) after you wherever you go. Some of them do it with steadfast calmness, but some like to show character - about them, in fact, we'll talk (not for the first time in the existence of Blizzard fan sites, but the text pretends to be as complete as possible).

Of course, it's difficult to systematize so diverse creatures, but here we will try to tell you about the habits of our pets, dividing them into families. The only major exception to this division into families is cats, which can be both animals and undead, and even elementals: all feline pets (except Baby Winged Guardian and Familiar Cat) know how to get on their owner's lap, you just need to pick them out and command /sit. Also, they roll on the Stolen Polter.

However, keep in mind that some of the descriptions in the following text are just tricks that work by themselves, while others are quite rare observations and the result of special commands. Systematization by degree of hilarity of tricks in this guide has not been carried out.


  • If you send Mojo an air kiss (/kiss), he'll turn the kisser into a frog for 15 seconds, follow him and declare his love in private chat. The effect only affects one player at a time (i.e. Mojo can be distracted from the kisser if another kisser is found).
  • Mr. Cold and Penguin will quickly roll on their belly away if you tell them they are /sexy.
  • Skipper of the Waves occasionally lets a bubble out of his butt; bursts it, remains unhappy, but doesn't learn from his mistakes.
  • Nibbler doesn't mind biting the owner (for what - depends on the owner's imagination).
  • Cub Leviathan goes to sleep when your character is idle, and wakes up when he moves. Like all of its model counterparts, it fights with all three heads by itself.
  • Jabling still likes to drink the Black Iron Clan's mug of ale, which can be used to get him.


The Pandaren Monk is a very sociable pet. He can be offered a /drink (he'll have a drink with you), a /bow (you bow to each other) and a /shake (so he'll show you a few of his moves).

  • Lunar Owl and Moon Owl know how to plant flowers and learn to fly, and you can also ask them to /dance.
  • Crusher and Wicked and Scary Wolf are among those pets that like to sleep.
  • Urchal can put on a costume and sing and dance. By the way, if you get tired of waiting, you can apply the Magic Pet Mirror to either Urchal or Burchal and perform this cylinder dance yourself.
  • Orchid of the Silver Vanguard and Squire of the Silver Vanguard can carry the flags of the towns you represent at the Silver Tournament behind you (and if you buy them a Silver Pony's bridle, they can also run to the post office, the merchant, and the bank).
  • Grandpa Winter's Little Helper, Grandpa Winter's Little Helper and the Nasty Little Helper, if you call them out for a walk during Winter Cover, will follow you on small reindeer. Outside of Winter Cover, the first two will resent you and refuse to follow you, while the Nasty Little Helper can kick you and send you away with a gesture.
  • The greedy goblin dies in a peculiar way, supposedly scattering treasure around him, which in Diablo III you could pick up. While he's alive, he's constantly making noise, jingling with loose coins and tossing his sword.
  • Loudchal occasionally scares the beasts around him.
  • Murchidan is able to take demon form.
  • Little Winston is full of surprises - he carries around his cannon, hides under a protective dome, adjusts his glasses, pats his chest, and goes on a rampage on occasion.
  • A traveler from the Thistle Leaf tribe flies after his owner on a magic dragon.
  • Snobold Shorty throws snowballs at the owner.

Horde Fanatic and Alliance Enthusiast constantly let their love be known through chat - there you'll regularly find messages about a drawn heart with the owner's name, a plucked hair, or simply exuberant enthusiasm.