World of Warcraft - demon hunters

Demon Hunters is a new class available to play in World of Warcraft: Legion patch 7.0. This guide covers everything we learned during BlizzCon and from the Legion alpha.

Overpower your opponents as a demon hunter, an elf who dares to take advantage of the Legion's uncanny power and is banished for it. Possessing supernatural agility and keen perception, demon hunters can draw from forbidden sources and assume demonic form in critical situations. Choose the specialization "Desolation" and destroy everything in your path with furious demonic attacks, or go the way of "Vengeance" and withstand the blows of the worst demons, whose attacks will fuel your hatred, helping you to endure.

Due to the significant amount of information, we've broken this guide down into a series of pages! This is the main page that provides an overview of demon hunters. Please use the Summary on the right side of the guide page to learn more about certain topics.


Demon hunters do not use heavy armor, instead relying on speed, which gives them the ability to swiftly approach their enemies and deal damage with their one-handed weapons. However, Illidarians should not forget to use their agility to defend themselves, either, ensuring a favorable outcome to the battle.

  • Races: Demon hunters can only be night elves or blood elves.
  • Heroic Class: Start the game at high level so you can get into the thick of battle in Legion. Initial level is 98.
  • Specializations: Siege (fighter) and Vengeance (tank). Doesn't fit in the spirit of the class without a Healer specialization.
  • Standard resources: Health, Rage, Pain.
  • Armor available: Cloth, Skin.
  • Weaponry: Paired Blades.

Demon hunters only have 2 specializations, but many other classes have 3, with multiple fighter specializations. The development team views this positively - and if they could go back, many classes could have fewer damage-focused specializations. Legion is entirely made up of class concepts and many classes struggle to possess three unique specializations. They could have created a demon hunter specialization as a ranged fighter, but that goes against the essence of demon hunters - such as Illidan. They could also create an alternate demon hunter specialization that would fit into their spirit, but only slightly different from the existing specializations. So, they decided not to split up the fighter's specializations and simply combined the best ideas into one.