Recommendations: Mage Ice and Tigel (Archive)

This section of the Ice specialization mage guide explains which relic features are the best choices for working with Tigel of Light of the Void, the new artifact weapon development system added in update 7.3. The author of this guide is Malon, who raids the guild on the Emerald Dream EU server; he dreams of having the blackclaws become called 'Fuzzy Cuddlebears'. You can find him on Twitter as well as on the forums of the Altered-Time mage website.

Overview of the Void Light Tigel

The Light of the Void Tigel is a new system added in patch 7.3. The tigel allows you to further enhance your artifact by increasing the power of relics. With this system, each relic gets a small talent tree where you can choose new features depending on how many features your artifact already has. For this reason, it is not unreasonable to take advantage of previewing the possible features of a relic before using or discarding it. Even relics that have a significantly lower item level value, but with good features, may have more potential than those higher in ilvl.

There are 3 feature ranges for each of the relics. So, the first type simply adds 5 levels to the item; the second type is a choice between the powers of Abyss and Light; and the third type is a choice of one feature from the three available artifact features. In order to unlock the full potential of the crucible, you will need to level up your artifact to 75, but you will learn the first Light or Abyss feature at artifact level 60 (and will then gain one new feature every three levels). Keep in mind that feature options are randomly selected for each relic -
so if you used a new relic, you'll have to choose new features in the crucible.

Below is a very simple ranking of the features chosen in the crucible - from best to worst. Ice, like other specializations, benefits the most from triggering (procs) effects that increase damage, such as Torture of the Weak. When selecting artifact features, we recommend selecting the features we selected (listed below) or just using simulation - for example, using the new Raidbots relic simulation.

Disclaimer: The value of these features may vary depending on your legendary items, equipment, characteristics, and talent choices. These figures were derived by simulating the recommended T20 equipment and talents listed in this guide. If you have enough knowledge, I recommend that you do the simulation of your chosen relics yourself, as item level (ilvl) is not the most accurate unit of measurement. The purpose of this section is to help you make quick decisions on your relics and choices in the crucible, but these recommendations are not 100% correct for every character. Since these values were derived before the crucible was unlocked, these values of these features may be changed by me if the simulation based calculations prove inaccurate. In that case, this guide will be updated.

Single-target (single-target) damage-oriented features

Features the crucible's approximate damage gain

  •  Torturing the Weak 1.7%
  •  Tide of Light 1.6%
  •  Safety in Light 1.6%
  •  Darkness Connection 1.6%
  •  Chaotic Darkness 1.4%
  •  Killing Intent 1%
  •  Light Speed 0.9%
  •  Shock Flash 0.8%
  •  Shadow Master 0.6%
  •  Dark Sorrow 0.3%

Artifact Features Added to ilvl

  •  Cold Heart +4
  •  Obsidian Spear +4
  •  Clarity of Thought +4
  •  Ice Veins +3
  •  Ice eternity +3
  •  Ice negativity +2
  •  Orbital Punch +1
  •  Storm Storm +0
  •  Tournament Fighter +0
  •  Alodi Shield +0

Area-oriented damage (AoE) features

 Raging Storm and Dark Sorrow are the hardest to rank, as they show up in situations where AoE damage is needed. If you spend a lot of time in Epochal+, choosing these features may be justified, but overall, you should prefer the other features as they are valuable in any situation.