Wrath of The Lich King time travel guide

" Time travel through dungeons" is one of the bonus events in Legion. Players of level 81 and above can queue up for special versions of Nordscale dungeons. Complete these dungeons for special loot and currency!

Take the quest "Frozen path through time" from Vremiar in Dalaran or with the traveler's journal. Travel through 5 dungeons of Nordskool in time travel mode to get Accolade of Victory and the Seal of Broken Destiny.
The loot for the Time Warped Signs
Auzin is a merchant of the Nordscool Dungeons event in time travel mode, which can be found in Dalaran, which is in Nordscool.
Equipment that can be acquired for the tokens
If you have played Burning Crusade or Wrath, you remember the grind of the Justice Tokens in the dungeons, which was indispensable and required to acquire equipment for the tokens that were placed in the boxes that contained lower-level items. Some of the equipment was really good, even compared to raid gear.

  • Accessories: 50
  • Rings: 25
  • Shoes: 25
  • Necklace: 25
  • Bib: 25
  • Gloves: 25

Each of the Time Travel event merchants offers to purchase a different outfit.
Cooking Recipes
Completing culinary daily quests in Wrath rewards a Small Spice Bag, from which, with a small chance, you can obtain a culinary recipe.  The little spice sack costs 25.

 The little spice sack may contain:

  •  Recipe: burevetch.
  •  Recipe: Captain Romsey's Light Beer
  •  Recipe: delicious chocolate cake: essential for Cake is not a fudge!

You can also find some noteworthy spices in the pouch:

  •  Northern Spice: required for cooking;
  •  Baby spice: reduces the target;
  •  Aged Spices: imposes the positive effect "Aged Spices!"
  • Tokens for Inherited Items.

Players can improve their inherited items used at level 90 or 100 with a Time Warped token:

  •  Vintage Hereditary Sheath for Armor: 750
  •  Vintage Hereditary Sheath: 900
  •  Vintage Hereditary Sheath for Armor: 1000
  •  Heritage Heritage Sheath: 1200

For more information, check out our guide to collecting legacy items.

Riding Animals

Riding Animal from Time Travel Wrath - Ghostly Iron Rider's Ustride, sold from Auzin for 5000: Its iron sheath barely restrains the ethereal spirit within. This horse is the penultimate creation of Salanar the Horseman, and belongs to the ranks of racers long thought to have been completely destroyed/

5000 tokens is a lot - we recommend saving up. However, you can trade the tokens for Reins of the eclipsing sun dragondragon, acquired during Burning Crusade time travel, or for Yu'lei, daughter of the Jade Serpent, acquired during Mists time travel.

You can see how your character looks when riding this animal by using our Fitting Room.

 Pets and Fishing

 A Fishing Treasure Bag can be purchased for 150. Previously, the bag was a reward for completing daily tasks for fishermen in Nordscale. It may contain:

  •  An uncommon compass;
  •  Coastal Crawler;
  •  A soggy recipe for additional gourmet rewards;
  • Epic quality Wrath gems;

Reputation Tokens.

After using a token, you gain 500 reputation units with the faction corresponding to the token. Said tokens are linked to the account. Each of these tokens costs 50:

  •  Alliance Vanguard Recognition Token;
  •  Horde Expeditionary Badge of Recognition;
  •  Dragon Alliance badge of recognition;
  •  Badge of Recognition of the Sons of Hodir;
  •  Badge of Recognition of the Silver Vanguard;
  •  Badge of Recognition of the Knights of the Black Blade;
  •  Badge of Recognition of Kirin Tor.

Having achieved a certain level of reputation with the above factions, you will be able to claim the following rewards:

  • Exaltation with the Silver Vanguard counts towards the progression of the " Champion of the Silver Vanguard" achievement, giving as an award the title "%s, Silver Defender".
  • Exaltation with the Silver Vanguard also counts towards the progression of the achievements "Exalted Alliance Champion"/"Exalted Horde Champion". As a reward, you will receive the title "Crusader %s". These achievements are one of the elements of the Silver Tournament.

As a reward for excelling with the Dragon Alliance, you will receive the Red Dragon's Reins.
Sons of Hodir: Reins of the Ice Mammoth / Reins of the Ice Mammoth is acquired at reputation level "reverence" for 1,000. In addition, you may acquire Riding Animals that may carry up to three passengers - Reins of a Great Ice Mammoth / Reins of a Great Ice Mammoth for 10,000. You will gain the achievements of " Ice Mammoth" and " Large Ice Mammoth" respectively.
Achievement with Silver Vanguard, Dragon Alliance, Kirin Thor and Knights of the Black Blade will grant you the achievement " Nordskool Vanguard".
To acquire Scheme: Mechanocycle and Scheme: Angier Chopper you need a reputation with Horde Expedition and Alliance Vanguard.