Review: Dungeons of Battle For Azeroth

Everything you need to know about dungeons in Battle For Azeroth: achievements, transmogrification, gear, epochal+, pets, and more!

Epochal+ innovations in Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard have continued to develop the epochal+ mode in Battle for Azeroth, which will open on September 5. You can find a more detailed guide on the keys and epoch+ difficulty on the corresponding page.
The " Tyrannical" and " Fortified" modifiers are now present on all keys, being level 2 modifiers.
The " Infected" modifier is present on keys of level 10 and higher. Read more about the Infected modifier on the appropriate page.
At the end of a dungeon in epochal+ difficulty, you can use an additional roll.
You will not be able to farm Azerite armor in epochal+ mode, but you can get it from the challenger's weekly chest.
The weekly challenger chest can now contain up to three items. The number of items is random.
Inside the active dungeon in epochal+ mode, you can no longer change gear.
Some modifiers have been changed:

  •  Necrotic Pestilence has been reduced from 3% per effect to 2% per effect.
  •  Frenzy can be removed by using a sedation, such as " Pacification" in druids or "(Spell #264265)" in hunters.
  •  Severe Wound has been reduced from 2% per effect to 1.3% per effect.
  • The " Explosive" modifier spheres are now red and referred to as "Explosive".


  • There are four dungeon difficulties: normal, heroic (120), epochal (120), and epochal+ (120).
  • There are 10 dungeons in Battle for Azeroth. 8 of them are available during character development from level 110 and 2 are only available in epochal difficulty.
  • The level of equipment obtained from the bosses depends on the difficulty of the dungeon, but the equipment can become battle-hardened or forged by titans.
  • In dungeons of normal difficulty, equipment of level 310 drops at level 120.
  • In dungeons of heroic difficulty, level 325 gear drops.
  • In the dungeons of epochal difficulty falls equipment level 340.
  • In the dungeons still appear local tasks, for the completion of which you can get additional rewards.
  • The reward for completing the " Glory of the War Hero" achievement is the reins of an obsidian crawler.

To queue up in a heroic difficulty dungeon using the group finder tool, your character's item level must be 305 or higher, but you can enter a dungeon with a group already prepared at any time. The group finder tool is still not available for dungeons of epochal difficulty.

Level Requirements


  • Reaching a maximum level of 120 gives Alliance players access to Horde dungeons.
  • At level 110, Alliance players have access to the following dungeons: Wacrest Manor, Sanctuary of Storms, and Free Harbor.
  • At level 115, Alliance players have access to Tol Dagor in addition to the above dungeons.
  • At level 120, Alliance players have access to the following dungeons in addition to the dungeons listed above: Atal'Dazar, GOLDEN LIFE!!!, Temple of Setraliss, Underbelly and the Boralus Siege, available only on epochal difficulty.

When Alliance players complete the Blood in the Water portion of the Alliance military campaign, they will gain access to the Tomb of Kings.

  • Reaching the maximum level of 120 gives Horde players access to the Alliance dungeons.
  • At level 110, Horde players have access to the following dungeons: Atal'Dazar, Temple of Setraliss, and Underdecay.
  • At level 115, Horde players, in addition to the above dungeons, have access to the GOLDEN VILLAGE!!!
  • At level 120, Horde players, in addition to the above dungeons, have access to the following dungeons: Wakrest Manor, Sanctuary of the Storms, Free Harbor, Tol Dagor and available only on epochal difficulty Tomb of Kings.

When Horde players complete the "At the Bottom of the Sea" portion of the Horde Military Campaign, they will gain access to the Siege of Boralus.