Getting Reputation with the Army of Light


The Army of Light is one of two new factions introduced in update 7.3: Shadows of the Argus. The army has absorbed into its ranks the best warriors from among the Drenaeans who followed Ze'roi after the fall of Argus. Ever since, they have fought tirelessly against the hordes of the Legion of Blaze, attempting to quell Sargeras' evil plans and hold back the spread of evil across the universe. Learn more about the history of this faction in our history guide in update 7.3.
Adventure Guide said(s):
After the fall of Argus, the finest Drenean warriors followed the first Naaru Ze'roi, and into what worlds this perpetual war has taken them... Since then the ranks of the illuminated have been swollen with new recruits from those fortunate enough to survive the onslaught of the enemy.
Having achieved exaltation with the Army of Light, you will get the achievement 'Commander of the Army of Light', which is one of the criteria for the achievement 'Argus Ideal', for which the title '%s Light-bearing' is awarded.

Exaltation with the Army of Light is one of the criteria for discovering an allied race of illuminated drenei.


When you reach a certain level of reputation with the Army of Light, the Intendant will offer you a wider range of goods and recipes such as the Light-bearing Gift for players with creating professions, the Rune of Light-bearing Augmentation for raiders and the extremely expensive Exoskeleton of the Light-bearing.
Vindicator Jelaan is the intendant of the Army of Light and can be found on the upper levels of Vindicar. From her you can purchase the following items (provided you have the necessary reputation level).

Item Merchant Cost Reputation Level Notes

  •  Sunshine Vindicator Jelaan 4 75 Indifference Your character... Shines
  •  Technique: Symbol of the Light's spawn Vindicator Jelaana 100 Friendliness Technique for making a symbol for the priest.
  •  Sketch: mass sifting empyrean Vindicator Jelaana 9 Friendliness Sketch for Jewellery
  •  Embroidered Pelterina of the Illuminated Vindicator Jelaana 500 Respect Cloak 900 item level
  •  Lightbringer's Gift of Jelaan's Vindicator 200 Respect A charm on the shoulders that allows you to retrieve Primordial Sargerite from the bodies of your opponents.
  •  Sketch: Empyrean Crown of Space Vendor of Jelaan 2,000 Honor Sketch 2r for Jewelers
  •  Sketch: empyreite crown of the deep Jalaan's Vindicator 2,000 Honor Sketch 2r for Jeweler's Craft
  •  Sketch: Empyreite Crown of Depths Vendor of Jelaan 2,000 Honor Sketch for Jeweler's Craft
  •  Sketch: Empyreite Crown of the Elements Vendor of Jelaan 2,000 Honor Sketch 2r for Jeweler's Craft
  •  Recipe: Empyreite Crown of Titans Vendor of Jelaan 2,000 Honor Recipe 2r for Blacksmithing
  •  Decoct pattern: Demonic Skin Shoulderplates Janaan's Mistress of the Year 2.000 Honor Recipe 2r for Blacksmithing
  •  Pattern: Demonic Skin Shoulder Pads for Leatherworker Jelaan 2.000 Gita Perfection Pattern 2p for Leatherwork
  •  Pattern: Light Weaving Pants for Jelaan's Benefactress 2.000 Deference Pattern 2 in Tailoring
  •  Arm Cloak of the Army of Light Jelaan Vindicator 300 Eclipse Arm Cloak
  •  Rune of the Illuminated's Reinforcement Rune of the Illuminated Vengeance Jalaan 50,000 Rapture Improved version of the Desecrated Rune of Reinforcement
  •  Exoskeleton of the Illuminated Vindicator of Jelaan 625,000 Exaltation Golem, executed in the theme of Light. A similar model is used in quests on Crocuun.
  •  Cost: 500,000 (including exaltation discount)

Reputation Ideal.

After you have been exalted by the Army of Light, for every 10000 reputation points that you receive with the faction, you will be offered the "Supplies from the Army of Light" quest, which carries the rewards of the Virtue of Light and the Shining Chest.

As with the other Ideal chests, the player can obtain a riding animal from the Shining Chest. And it's not just one elec, but as many as three!

  •  Vengeful Snotlout.
  •  Blessed Snotlout
  •  The magnificent Skrnopotamus.

In addition to mounts, you can also get the Sacred Orb of Light from the chest.

Gaining Reputation Points

The player will gain initial reputation levels simply by completing story quests on Argus. Once the story campaign has been completed, the player will reach the reputation level of Friendliness, getting close enough to the next reputation level - Respect. Three different ways of gaining reputation points are then open to the player:
Weekly quests.

  • Local and Envoy Missions quests
  • Marks of Distinction
  • Click on the link for a comprehensive list of quests that will reward you with reputation points with the Army of Light.
  • Weekly Quest
  • Two of the quests you complete during the Argus storyline have weekly versions: The Fountain of Power of a Doomed World, which will award 1000 reputation points (new in update 7.3.5), and Stop the Invasion, which also grants 1000 reputation points (previously: 250 reputation points).

Local and Envoy Missions quests

Local quests are the main source of reputation with the Army of Light. You are rewarded with 75 reputation points for general and rare local quests related to the Army of Light. Such local quests can only be offered in the following locations: Crocune and the Wastes of Antorus. However, update 7.3.5 brought a number of changes. Thus, as a reward for completing any rare local quest on Argus, you will receive reputation points with the Army of Light.

In order to be able to perform local quests, you will need to complete the relevant stages of the Argus story campaign.