Recommendations: Death Knight Blood and Tigel

This section of the Blood Knight of Death specialization guide explains which relic features are the best choices for working with the Tigel of Light of the Void, the new artifact weapon development system added in update 7.3. The author of this guide is Llarold, who has authored YouTube videos and streams on Twitch. He's also the author of the Defender's Guide.

Review of Void Light Tigel

The Light of the Void Tigel is a new system added in patch 7.3. The crucible allows you to further enhance your relics with new features. With the crucible, even the worst relics can be turned into relatively playable ones - it all depends on your luck in allocating random relic characteristics. The features given by the Light of the Void's Teagle are randomly selected when the relic is placed in the Teagle. Thus, the features of a Powerful Re-Push can be drastically different from those of another Powerful Re-Push! You should always preview a relic's potential features before using it, or to toss it away, unless doing so would result in a significant item level drop. Previewing a special relic will tie it to your character - so you won't be able to trade it from a group member. So if you're going to make an exchange - don't use the preview feature.

The Light of the Void Tie provides 3 ranges - with a talent tree for each of the 3 equipped relics. You must choose one trait in each dash. The first dash is always an addition to your artifact of 5 item levels. The second dash gives a choice between the Light and Abyss feature. The third dash is a choice between one of three weapon features, and the options available depend on which path you choose during the second dash (left or right). Your ability to choose features for your relics depends on the level of your artifact weapon.

Your artifact level must be 75 in order to fully customize your weapon with the crucible. Given your current artifact knowledge values, this may take a few months. Don't worry. I have a plan!

Below are the artifact level values and feature availability:

  • At level 60, you will unlock a second dash for your first relic. At level 63, you will unlock the second dash for your second relic. At 66th level, you will unlock the third dash for your third relic.
  • At 69th level, you will unlock the third dash for your first relic. At level 72 you will unlock a third dash for your second relic, at 75 you will unlock a third dash for your third relic. That's it!

Tigel of the Light of the Void for Death Knights of the Blood specialization

Tanking, as always, is a big issue when it comes to giving recommendations. If you're dancing, as they say, on the cutting edge, in epochal raids, you'll need different things than someone who's going through epochal+ dungeons, working on progression in heroic difficulty raids, or just occasionally raiding a non-major specialization. Furthermore it's hard to roughly calculate what level items to buy since there are few SimulationCraft modules designed for tanks, and even if there were, it would be hard or useless to translate net damage numbers to get a complete picture of what's going on.

Consequently, the best recommendation I can give would be a list of features based on their value. Defensive first, then attacking. I would lean more towards single-opponent battles in the case of defensive. Tanks perform much better in area damage (e.g. tank damage is more significant in epochal+ dungeons than epochal raid). Death Knights in the Blood spec are very good at scaling to artifact weapon item level - it's almost always worth sacrificing a good feature for an item level boost.

Second Dash Features

Since your choice in the second dash affects which features you can choose in the third dash, you need to strike a balance between the bonuses of the second and third dashes when you make your feature choices in the second dash.