A consolidated guide to the Argus

August 30, 2017, update 7.3 will bring the heroes of Azeroth to Argus. This guide will cover all the features of this fractured planet, including an elaborate story campaign, new factions, group events, Windicar, exploration, Smoky Argument, equipment, hidden treasures, rare monsters, etc.
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This guide is entirely dedicated to Argus content. This means that other aspects of update 7.3, such as changes regarding artifact weapons, or the Shattered Islands will be covered in the respective guides/articles.

After defeating Kil'jeden in the Tomb of Sargeras, Illidan Fury of Storm used the Sargerit Key to create a breach between Argus and Azeroth, making Argus visible in the sky of Azeroth. After the Battle of Exodar, Prophet Velen ordered the Chosen of Light to make all necessary preparations to depart for Argus. The Drenaeans created a spatial ship called Vindikar to reclaim their home world, Argus. While you are on Argus, Vindikar will serve as a mobile base of operations, allowing you to travel quickly between islands. Argus is a level 110 character-only zone, is a no-fly location similar to Thunder Island and Timeless Island. The playable part of the planet is divided into three locations.

Content Opening Schedule

Like the Shattered Coast, Argus content has its own opening schedule. The release of non-Raid Argus content is spread out over the first three weeks of update 7.3:

Content Release Schedule

The following content will be unlocked AFTER the patch:

  • Antorus, Blazing Throne - raid dungeon and everything related to it:
  •  Argus Ideal and the title %s Lightbearer
  •  Argus Raiding Glory and the Twilight Hound of Antorus Award
  •  Army of Light insignia
  •  Scythe of the Enslaved - Unique Transmogrification Model 3D View
  • Mobility Gear: Tamed Ur'zul, Fire-breathing Hound of Antorus, and Kirin Tor's Crystal of Invocation

Story Campaign

Now you're ready!

... or not.

 Immediately after the launch of update 7.3, the invasion scenario for the Shattered Islands, introduced in update 7.2, became an account-extending requirement, the completion of which grants access to the start of the Argus campaign. This journey to the Argus was a logical continuation of what happened on the Splintered Shore and in the Tomb of Sargeras. Since the criterion for completing the scenario on the Shattered Shore is now account-wide, you will only need one character on your account who has completed the aforementioned scenario, and your other characters can skip this step by talking to Cadgar at the Krasa Site and selecting the "whisper" option, "I heard that before...". After you have completed the Assault of the Shattered Coast quest, the opening quest of Argus: Hand of Fate / Hand of Destiny should be offered automatically.

This is somewhat unusual and extremely uncomfortable, especially for returning players who missed out on the 7.2 content entirely, as they can't go to Argus right away. I wouldn't be surprised if they make changes later to simplify/remove this restriction in the future.

Travelling to Argus requires completing the Shattered Coast scenario

The Crown of the Triumvirate has three parts. Velen has the third part, the Eye of Prophecy and you need to find the other 2 parts, the Seal of Awakening and the Crown of Knowledge during the campaign on Argus. By recovering the crown, you will be able to unlock the full power of Vindicar. With this power, the ship's weapons will be able to breach the wall of Antorus, the Blazing Throne and the combined forces of Light were finally able to launch an offensive against the twisted soul of the planet: the Argus Enslaved.