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Guide to update 7.3: Shadows of the Argus

Welcome to our content guide for update 7.3: Shadows of Argus! Make we'll cover all the most important content for the update, with links to Wowhead reviews with PTRs, guides, tools, and the database.

Update 7.3 will be rolling out to live servers on August 30. Check out the official update description and our 7.3 prep guide for all the essentials.

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Content Opening Schedule

Update 7.3 will be available on US servers on August 29 and EU servers on August 30.

Argus' story and content will be spread out over several weeks. Check out the detailed schedule here:

  • Week 1: Locations of Crocune and the Wastelands of Antorus. New reputations, envoys, equipment for argunite, profession quests, artifact knowledge 41.
  • Week 2: Complete quests in Crocuun and the first quests in Mak'Ari, invasion points.
  • Week 3: Complete the quests in Mak'Ari, the dungeon, the Tigel of Light of the Void.

Events leading up to the update

Before update 7.3, the following events will take place on Azeroth:

  • Heralds of Doom arrive in Dalaran, and Argus becomes visible in the sky to all players.
  • Magni Bronzebeard's scenario is Whispers of a Terrified World.

New Region and Story: Argus

Update 7.3 introduces a new region: Argus. Argus consists of three locations: Crocuun, Mak'Ari, and the Wastes of Antorus. When you first arrive at Argus, you will land in Crocuun. As before, you will gradually unlock the remaining two zones over the course of several weeks.

To get to the Argus, you will need to unlock the Windicar. The ship will serve as your base for mobile operations, and will contain a network of teleporters, the Void Light Tigel, teachers of professions and more. Learn more about it in our Vindicar guide.

If you want to learn more about the quests in each location - we prepared detailed reviews during PTR update 7.3. The Argus summary guide details how to complete the quests on Argus.

  • Crocune: a preview of chapter 1 of the Argus story campaign.
  • Wastelands of Antorus: a preview of chapter 2 of the Argus story campaign.
  • Mak'Ari: a preview of chapter 3 of the Argus story campaign.
  • Mak'Ari: a preview of chapter 4 of the Argus story campaign.

The Argus will feature achievements related to rare enemies and research. Completing the achievement common to the Argus Ideal account will reward you with the title %s Light-bearing, White-footed Argus Wanderer is the reward for ...and chew buns of mana. Learn more about the rare opponents on Argus by using our Argus guide.

As you progress through the Argus story campaign, special Vindicar matrix abilities, similar to those of the Garrison builds, are unlocked. Learn more about these abilities with the Vindicar overview.

To avoid spoilers, check out our screenshots and video: Mak'Ari and Crocone.

World history in update 7.3

Nobbel87 has prepared an overview of the history that will play an important role in the upcoming update (no spoilers). If you click on the "spoilers" section in the publcation, you will see how the story will evolve in patch 7.3. The patch will also feature the Crocuulus History Museum, which will cover the lives of the Drenaeans left behind on Argus.

Previously in Patch 7.3, we recreated the story based on the extracted from the game files dialogues and other fragments (datamining):

  • Theories about the future addition and kits for tasks.
  • Datamain: dialogue texts (spoilers alert)
  • Analyzing the dialogues related to Antorus: Blazing Throne
  • In-game scenes and clips
  • Update 7.3 will contain numerous in-game scenes and clips. We have prepared a preview of some of them and analyzed the story associated with them:
  • The Argus opening reel
  • Scene related to the titans
  • Triumvirate's decision
  • Velen's escape
  • Gaze into the Abyss.

Class Changes

We've summarized all the changes the classes will undergo in update 7.3 in one major publication. The main changes include:
Druids - Force of the Beast: While all specializations should receive changes aimed at balancing them in update 7.3, Force of the Beast will receive buffs aimed at addressing some issues with this specialization. Base damage will be increased by 33% and many talents will be swapped to make the specialization easier to master. You can find a list of the changes in the publications about the changes to the Beastly Power specialization.
Death Knights - Ice: During the weeks of Patch 7.3 PTR, Blizzard announced the upcoming changes to the Death Knight Ice specialization. These changes include a change to the talent system and an increase in the damage dealt to avoid over-strengthening the Breath of Syndragosa talent.
Updated caster animations
With the release of Legion, the animations for all melee classes and melee attacks have been updated. The changes brought updated effects and refinements to existing effects. Now the same has been prepared for spellcasters as well. The following specializations received updated spell animations and new effects, and now look like they were introduced just yesterday:

  •  Druid
  • Healing
  •  Hunter
  • Blood Elf Ranged Attack Animations
  •  Mage
  • Mage: Arcane Magic, Fire, Ice
  •  Priest
  • Obedience
  • Light
  • Dark
  •  Shaman
  • The Elements
  • Healing

Blizzard also talked about the process of creating artifacts to update the spell animation.
Artifact Knowledge System Changes
Update 7.3 will revamp the artifact knowledge system. Now, you need to place an order for Artifact Records, which will take 5 days or less to complete - it all depends on how far you have progressed in your artifact knowledge, after which the amount of artifact power you receive will be increased. The higher the knowledge, the more "better" options Artifact Research Handbook: Volumes I-VII will become available to send to alternate characters.

Update 7.3 will change this, artifact knowledge is now global for the entire region, and Blizzard will be raising this value weekly. you can learn more about this in our guide to the updated artifact knowledge system.

Light of Void Light Tigel

The Light of Void's Tigel of Light is the latest form of enhancement for your artifact in update 7.3. This system will become available in the third week of Update 7.3:
Based on the number of previously unlocked artifact features, you will be able to purchase additional active and passive abilities from each relic tree.
The first range of abilities increases the item level of your weapon, the second range has both Light and Abyss abilities, and the third range gives you the ability to add an additional rank of a minor artifact ability.
Each branch is randomly generated at the moment you "put on" the relic. However, you can preview the abilities before putting the relic into the crucible.
To learn more, check out the information on the crucible and our crucible calculator.


Our Equip Before Legion raids guide has been updated to 7.3. The most important updates are listed below:
New discarded blanks for Smoky Argument will allow players to get 910 ilv items, including specific blanks for each relic type.
New craftable Argus outfit can be upgraded to 935 ilv with Primordial Annihilate.
A new inheritable item for the Neck slot is the Man'ari Training Amulet
 Discovery Cube increases your chance to mine more artifact power by 2 hours if you are below level 110.
Base lvl loot from dungeons has been increased by 20 units.
New Legendary Ring
Although we did not get a new Legendary item for each specialization in 7.3, the Army of Light Insignia will be available in update 7.3 with the raid task Antorus, Blazing Throne: Death of a Titan. It enhances the effects given by the crucible by 50%. This will be the only legendary item added in update 7.3.

The legendary item drop will not be increased (currently with the stronghold improvement at 2).

T21 Raid Kit

Models and bonuses for the T21 kit were found in the game files (datamain), however, they will not be available until Antorus opens in update 7.3.5. You can see the bonuses for the kit and the kits themselves in the Raid Kit T21 guide.

During the weeks of PTR, new PvP kits have been added to the game that are T21 recolors. These will be available to receive for PvP activity after the launch of update 7.3.

We have also prepared a detailed review of each class armor set:

  • Tier 21 Death Knight
  • Tier 21 Hunter
  • Mage Tier 21
  • Monk Tier 21
  • Paladin Tier 21
  • Priestess Tier 21
  • Warrior Tier 21

Transmogrification and Wardrobe

In addition to the new Tier 21 raid packs, with Patch 7.3 new Transmogrification looks will be added to the game.
A new dungeon, the Throne of Triumvirate, is bringing new armor to the game, styled as Light for each armor type.
Also, new cosmetic guises will soon be added to the game, including flower crowns.
Some Antorus bosses can be mined with their weapons available for transmogrification: the Taishalak and the Scythe of the Enslaved.
There will also be many themed armor and drenei weapons added to the game.
As a reward for earning the achievement common to the Argus Commander account, you will receive an Equipment Set: Weapon of the Illuminated.
Blizzard has taken the opportunity to update the in-game wardrobe system, adding unique background images for each race and allowing you to resize the window when viewing your any transmogrification kit!