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Guide for real WOW players

If you’re trying to level up in World of Warcraft (or WoW as it is more affectionately called by its players) then you’ve come to the right place. As veterans, we know what it’s like – frustration at not being able to move up levels fast enough. So, in that spirit, we want to give back and provide our knowledge in the form of this comprehensive guide for all real WOW players.

First and foremost, the key advice that we can give is all about how you should be spending your time within the game: focus on quests and experience point (XP) grinding – these activities will be your bread and butter if you want a quick win. Yes, there are other options available such as killing monsters or pet battles, but quests are much more rewarding. Make sure to also keep an eye out for any repeatable quests – they can be completed multiple times for extra XP and rewards!

On top of this, make sure that you are making the most out of all available resources within the game. For instance, you should make use of flight paths which will hugely reduce travel time between areas; pay attention to stuff like raids where loot hunting opportunities arise; farm nodes with gathering professions so as to upgrade gear faster; get pets since they can provide useful additional bonuses in some cases; etc… All these things combined should definitely help speed up your progress.

Plus also don’t forget about online tools such as Warcraft Logs which can provide valuable insight when doing raids or battlegrounds if used correctly – take advantage of it whenever possible! Additionally using add-ons may become potentially useful periodically – especially when editing macros or customizing certain UI elements once again based on preference. Also consider any class-specific tweaking that needs doing depending upon your own chosen character setup – research during some free time whether something like damage rotation or ability priority order may have room for improvement.

Furthermore try swapping over from solo queuing for everything into forming groups along with friends constantly instead since those will typically translate into better runs overall. Additionally look at the current viable builds experts suggest before deciding on a preferred setup yourself – maybe they know something more than just theory crafting finalizations? Who knows? Anything goes in WoW today! Finally certain optional features such as auto looting or walk/run cutting down on mundane frequent movements may cut down effort tremendously after getting used to them every here and then over period (relying heavily on individual play style here naturally)

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